Dama Marketing and comunication

Press office

Our press office activities consists of an established method that includes specific phases. To each client we propose a personalized path that is functional to the objectives to be pursued.

Our press office acts according to the communication objectives of brands and companies, strategically managing information and conveying it to the public and stakeholders through the mass media. Fundamental is the relationship with editors and journalists: an added value that Dama ensures to each of its clients, thanks to a network of contacts selected and built over time.

The Dama method is developed through specific stages:

  • Preliminary visit of the structure and territory
  • Agreement on communication priorities
  • Consulting on the drafting of hospitality packages
  • Drafting, layout and sending texts for the press
  • Personalized contacts with journalists
  • Invitations to journalists to visit the facility
  • Continued follow-up to obtain publication of articles and photos
  • Continued press review via fax and in file with supporting documents
  • Purchase and management of advertising space

Organization of events

Did you know? An average city hosts about ten press conferences every day. In Milan, the number rises exponentially, offering a vast audience of opportunities in which to place one’s image, brand, product or service promotion.

Press conferences

Dama is at your side to plan and optimize an ad hoc path, with the aim of maximizing contacts and amplifying awareness and reputation. The press conference is one of the most suitable tools to communicate news, present products or services, and announce results to your target audience. The presence of the press outlets is an essential requirement for the success of the event: Dama can guarantee the participation of numerous quality contacts belonging to its network of relations.


Games are the most immediate, direct and engaging form of conveying a message (such as communicating a brand or a new product). Over the years, the ludic approach has become a key tool in marketing and communication strategies, both internal and external to companies. In Italy, too, the choice of ludic initiatives has proven over time to be an effective way of introducing new products, attracting attention and consensus to new structures (companies, places), and opening people’s eyes (students, teachers, managers, agents, traders, executives, entrepreneurs and professionals in a certain field) to horizons that were initially not perceived.

Co-Marketing Operations

Dama studies continuous synergies with major publishers for “tailor-made” operations. In recent years, we have designed and implemented numerous co-marketing operations with successful newspapers in various sectors.

Through co-marketing opportunities with relevant media in various fields, it is possible to create a strong sounding board and reach your audience effectively. Dama can put you in touch with publishers and others with whom you can create relevant and successful special activities. A recent example? The contest in collaboration with Radio Monte Carlo during the BeautyfarmamiI broadcast, with reward stays for grabs for listeners. These initiatives ensure a very high redemption in the face of advantageous costs.

Social Media

The digital reality has now emerged and has become of primary importance for effective communication. Dama knows how to create an ‘influencer marketing’ strategy making full use of all the channels and opportunities offered by the web and social media.

We can select the perfect digital-testimonial mix to give visibility to new product releases and make the most of strategic business opportunities. Thanks to an in-depth knowledge of the market, we know how to structure ‘influencer marketing’ activities starting from the objectives agreed with the client and creating effective target-lists for product placement, seeding or – again – structuring creative projects. From time to time we choose for you the fittest faces within the vast network of existing influencers in order to best interpret the storytelling of each brand, product or service.